Gazco Small Marlborough Electric

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Heat Output: 2kw Flue Diameter: N/A Fuel Type: Electric Stove Material: Steel Flue Exit Options: N/A Height: 558mm Width: 410mm Depth: 360mm

Gazco Small Marlborough Electric

Gazco Small Marlborough Electric

Featuring the same distinctive styling as the Gas Marlborough stove, the two electric versions offer you all the delights of flickering flames, a warming glow and instant heat at the touch of a switch. There is no need for a chimney or flue because you simply plug the stove into a 13 amp socket. So the Electric Marlborough stove is ideal in areas such as conservatories and homes without a chimney.

Once you have set the heater’s thermostat, all other controls are at a high level to save bending and you can choose from three settings to suit your requirements – fire effect only; fire effect + 1kW heat; and fire effect + 2kW heat.

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