Redfyre Kensall 20

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Heat Output: 3.75kw Flue Diameter: 125mm (5") Fuel Type: Multifuel Stove Material: Steel Flue Exit Options: Top or Rear Height: 511mm Width: 386mm Depth: 328mm

Redfyre Kensall 20

Redfyre Kensal 20

As you would expect from a heritage such as Redfyre’s, the Kensal range of stoves are robust, practical and efficient, with a construction that combines the very best attributes of iron and steel. The heavy gauge steel firebox is complemented by airtight cast iron doors and durable cast iron fittings and, in the case of multi-fuel models, a rotating grate that can be riddled from outside the stove to improve combustion.

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  1. Fathi

    April 12th, 2012

    Peterborough based magazines who could you mean .Printed media is dying on its a** ; I lsuohd know, people are starting to turn to the blogs and the vlogs for their information. Its an instant media look how quick the posts about the honey appeared.Its people like you; opening this up with the video’s and showing others what is actual out there.One question how did you record the end piece to camera? Didn’t look like you were holding the camera :confused:

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